The AlteredBarbie Show Deconstructs The Notion of a Barbie Doll

 - Dec 5, 2013
References: alteredbarbie & designtaxi
The annual AlteredBarbie art show in San Francisco has provided new and established artists alike with the opportunity to use traditional Barbie and Ken dolls and to completely reinvent them into creative and culturally relevant art, taking the Barbie doll designs to a whole new thought-provoking level.

The artworks focus on completely deconstructing the general public's impression of the Barbie doll, who is thought to have everything she wants and is also perfect. The dolls on display here are given completely different, over the top makeovers that make us think twice about what's on display.

Some of the dolls are decapitated, dressed in a teacup, avant-garde and even wrapped in plastic.