The ALT. Pizza Branding Reflects Colorful Album Covers & Influences

 - Nov 4, 2015
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The highly creative team at 'Bravo' designed the stunning brand imagery to represent 'ALT. Pizza.' The pizzeria's name ALT, which means "alternative" was the single most important influence for the design.

Instead of creating one pizza box with the same logo, the design team created a series of boxes. Each brightly colored box resembles a retro record album cover. The loud colors and musical influences represent the alternative spirit of ATL. Pizza. It also pays tribute to the West Cast pizzeria location, where the culture is very laid-back and there are tons of interesting music-themed street art displays.

Bravo also created a circular logo for the brand, which is placed in the corner of each pizza box and has also been made into coasters for dine-in consumers. The black circle contains a lowercase gray letter "a" followed by a red cursive "L" and a lowercase blue "t."