Undercover Marketing At It's Very Best

 - May 6, 2007
References: metro
This piece of small grafitti has been popping up all over London for the past few weeks. No one knows what it means and there are now even reports of it appearing as far away as Hamburg and the Netherlands... Speculation is growing and even newspapers and tv are now covering the 'mystery.'

To be the one thing that is not a mystery is that this is a brilliant example of guerilla advertising.

If you Google Brooke Shields Alphabet, you get nothing but bemused blogs posting. Apart from having bad taste in men ( Mrs Andre Agassi /Tom Cruise).

Newspapers are appealing in case thier readers know the mystery and a Flickr pool has been set up dedicated to cataloguing all of Ms. Shields alphabetic appearances. Bloomin heck there is even a map of all the recorded AOBS locations and a Facebook group dedicated to solving the mystery.

The website www.alphabetofbrookeshields.com contains nothing but a plea for the person who created them to get in touch. It's a genuine mystery. I would bet a lot of money this site is from the people who created the 'mystery'.

It is fab to know that whilst peopple are spending millions on advertising, the simple things in life are best!

Here is an example of a plea from a newspaper. In this case London free paper, Metro: