Japan's ALOS Satellite Captured These Lovely Images of Iranian Farmland

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: esa.int & gizmodo
The European Space Agency released this spectacular composite image constructed from several aerial photos captured by the Japanese ALOS satellite. The image is actually a composite of several images of a large swathe of agricultural land -- containing hundreds of fields and farm plots -- in southwest Iran. A radar composite image, the colors represent changes in the agricultural plots.

The biggest fields in the image measure about 1 km across. The bright white objects are buildings and other man-made structures. The white dots are reflections from towers holding power lines.

The snake-like structure dissecting the image is the Karun River, which originates in the Zagros mountain range and runs 720 km southwest before flowing into the Persian Gulf.

The images used to create the composite image were captured by the ALOS satellite at three different time points back in 2010, but the composite photo was only just released by.