Still sexy and popular at age 79!

 - Feb 15, 2009
References: welovebettyboop
Betty Boop made her first appearance on August 9,1930. Her original design was created by Grim Natwick, a veteran animator of the silent era who later became lead director and animator for Walt Disney studios. Betty Boop is known as the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen. Betty Boop is the first cartoon character to fully represent a sexual woman. The animated cartoons of "Betty Boop" have made a remarkable rediscovery over the last 30 years. Merchandise related to Betty Boop are hotter than ever, you can find almost anything under the sun with a Betty Boop image on it; alarm clocks, umbrellas,soap dishes, aprons, makeup, clothing, jewelery, and of course dolls. Take a look at the "Betty Boop’s Penthouse" cartoon as you’ll see why millions of people around the world love this gal. I really appreciate all the work involved into making the Betty Boop cartoons, no computer animation here. Enjoy!