Cover All Your Bases with the 'All Purpose Greeting Cards'

 - Sep 17, 2011
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These days, there are so many special occasions -- celebrations, birthdays, retirements, and everything in between -- that it becomes difficult to remember what's going on, which is where the All Purpose Greeting Cards come in. And of course, the cost of constantly buying customized cards can definitely add up.

These silly (and super practical) cards come in two forms: "Congratulations on your..." and "Happy, happy, happy..." Let me explain. In regards to the former, you can check off things like: mastery of (fill in the blank), ability to raise a really fun dog, Nobel Peace Prize and second Miss America title. Although to be fair, if you're friends with someone who just won a Nobel Peace Prize, you should probably buy them a legitimate card.

The "Happy, happy, happy" card has simple options like Valentine's Day, Birthday, New Year, and my personal favorite, National Margarita Day (side note: I really need to find out when that is).