'Alien Repentance' by Tomas Marussiac Simulates the Symbolic Life

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: marussiac.cultcode
'Alien Repentance' is a conceptual art installation by Tomas Marussiac. The piece is composed of small pieces of toy alien and slides on childhood play carpet. The main idea artwork is a reflection of life through the children’s game.

Marussiac describes a simple ritual of repentance. Toy aliens kneel, and must complete the cycle consisting of: waiting, repentance, waiting and fun. It is like an endless circle of life. Various types of rituals of repentance exist in most civilizations in the world. Alien Repentance showcases a quick moment of fun on a slide as a feeling short of happiness. In human life, there is also a similar need for play. This installation simulates the symbolic life, because the play is primarily a small ritual in a parallel world. The artwork is not a parody of repentance rituals but raises the following question: "What is a repentance ritual in human life?"