Native American Rugs by Alicia Beck are Creative and Eco-Friendly

 - May 15, 2011
References: aliciabeck & lostateminor
Artist and designer Alicia Beck has come up with an ingenious concept to upcycle old ballons: create Native American motif rugs out them. The rugs add a bold splash of color and creativity to any room in which they are placed.

Alicia Beck created two different color patterns for her Native America motif rugs. One uses red, yellow and green ballons and the other is more minimalist and uses only black-and-white balloons. The extra material on the carpets reminds me of the kind of carpet that you would find in a kids' rec room. The rugs are certainly playful and youthful.

Alicia Beck has succeeded in creating carpets that evoke a youthful exuberance while creating a product that takes into our need to minimize our environmental impact.