DeviantART User Alicechan Puts a Japanese Twist on European Classics

Most people envision Disney-like depictions when thinking about classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes, but deviantART user Alicechan would much rather render the characters from those narratives as Japanese anime characters. The resulting illustrations thus have global appeal, as fans of art and storytelling are united through images inspired by Beauty and the Beast, the Three Little, Pigs, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Alicechan renders each illustration digitally using paint and airbrushing techniques. She transitions between varieties of visual styles in her portfolio, though her foundation is in Japanese animation drawing. She often personifies minor characters into actual human beings in her fairy tale and nursery rhyme paintings, turning turtles and spiders into dashing men.

It will be interesting to see her artwork in a few years when her Western and Eastern influences amalgamate into a distinctly new style.