Alexis Kirke Creates Melodies From His Hallucinations

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: & wired
Composer Alexis Kirke, who has Palinopsia, a visual disturbance that causes a person to see after-images (trailing images after the the actual stimulus is gone), has created an audio visual music masterpiece using his "hallucinations."

Alexis Kirke has worked with Joel Eaton, a sound engineer, on the creation of a special augmented reality application for the iPad that mimics hallucinations that are similar to Kirke's. The iPad camera captures similar after-images and trails so that Kirke is able to recreate the elements and patterns of his Palinopsia, says Wired UK. The app then connects to a computer music algorithm that turns the patterns into music and sound.

Alexis Kirke's piece is called 'Insight,' and it will be performed at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival on Feb. 8. Visit Kirke's website for more information about his work.