Alexandra Lekias' Illustrations of Bizarre Childhood Memories

 - Nov 4, 2010   Updated: May 25 2011
These Alexandra Lekias Illustrations draw on themes of childhood memories and sentimental nostalgia, while infusing pop culture.

A little bit on the bizarre side, these Alexandra Lekias Illustrations show little girls vomiting, crying and popping zits. The morbid quality of these prints present the idea that the artist may have had a less-than-normal childhood. See for yourselves in the featured gallery.

Implications - While frightening to many, macabre theme tends to draw in a large audience who are looking for a departure from friendly images that are often the go-to concepts for brands. With the idea of the "norm" being redefined, designers and brands won't be afraid to push the boundaries in order to get rid of restraints for something more honest and shocking.