Artist Alex Beker Focuses on the Feet of Pets and Owners

This adorable pet focused photography series by artist Alex Beker is filled with foot captures, both human and canine. This overly cute foot photography series takes portraits of pets and owners, focusing in on paws and feet.

These captures put an interesting twist on puppy portraits and captivate animal lovers. Pet owners often have man's best friend style portraits, along with numerous other cute puppy captures, but these shots focus on a less common aspect of puppy love.

Some of these shots feature painted toe nails and long black canine nails, while others include brightly colored sneakers and puffy fur covered paws. My favorite of these animal-friendly photos is the one that clearly features a poodle. In this shot there are large afro-like balls of gray fur where this pooch's ankles should be.

Alex Beker puts a clever spin on pet and owner portraits in this paw-centered series.