Alessia Iannetti Painted an Incredible Transformation

This beautiful painting by Alessia Iannetti appears to illustrate some form of transformation from human to creature. The way that the girl is painted in monochrome and the birds are in color suggests the death of one form and the life of another. This theme is very obvious because of the hummingbird that is coming out of the girl's mouth.

This illustration is very emotive, especially as a tear falls from the girl's eye. You can see that this is a painful experience because there are details in her cheeks where her skin seems to be cracking, as if she were turning to stone. There are so many messages one can read from this beautiful painting. Alessia Iannetti used great detail to emphasize certain meanings and encourage viewers to try to figure out what they are. This image appears to be a metaphor for reincarnation, but it is up to you to decide.