The Alerj 2011 Ad Campaign is Disturbingly Futuristic

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: & ibelieveinadv
Slowly but surely, awareness of the human species’ impact on the planet is sinking in thanks to global efforts by individuals, organizations and even governments as proven by the Alerj 2011 ad campaign. This particular print campaign pinpoints people's excessive consumption of food and energy as well as the increasing obsession with progress as detrimental to the environment.

Conceived and executed by Brazil-based ad agency Staff, the Alerj 2011 ad campaign is quite compelling. By using a bold robotic and dystopian theme, the Alerj 2011 print ads focus on the drone-like attitudes individuals and societies have adopted when it comes to such factors as food, energy and progress. The ads are accompanied by the tagline, "No reason is a good reason to harm the nature."