Aleksandra Waliszewska’s Artwork Translates Darkness Throu

 - Feb 8, 2013
References: & artnau
These dreary illustrations by Aleksandra Waliszewska are extremely dark and disturbing. His subject matter is incredibly raw, morbid and violent.

Waliszewska’s portraits include faces that are severely warped, eyeless faces that are vomiting and zombie-like humans that zipper their skin on. He seems to have a strong and angry artistic expression toward women’s sexuality, as some of his illustrations depict gruesome sexual violence.

Violence and dark subject matter is not often openly discussed in society; however, this does not restrict the millions of people who are fascinated by the more morbid side of things. When they are expressed through artistic mediums as seen in Aleksandra’s portfolio, these gruesome thoughts turn into alluring art works with a considerable shock value.