The Aleaf Chair is a Marvelous Meandering Armchair with an Integrated Tray

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: designyouedit &
The contemporary fluid-formed recliner has been significantly enhanced in the design of the Aleaf Chair. There is no insignificant number of your more organically modeled loungers on the market, but this one delivers more than a seductive aesthetic and a cozy place to sit.

This wonderful winding piece was developed by the Venezia Homedesign Team and Michele Franzina for Design You Edit. Its core is a sturdy metal frame that's stabilized on a tubular base. Around this is a layer of stress-resistant polyurethane foam and the upholstery is a soft sort of felt that comes in a range of colors.

The whimsical curling shape of the Aleaf Chair makes it an overall beautiful object to behold; however, the swooping and embracing arm of the seat contributes functionally as well with a place to rest a book or a laptop.