Heineken's Sponsorship for Formula 1 Promotes Safe Drinking

 - Dec 1, 2016
References: creativity-online & adsoftheworld
Heineken has taken an unusual route to promote safe alcohol consumption and encourage people to not partake in drinking and driving.

The company recently sponsored Milan's Formula 1 races and an artfully created commercial spearheaded this sponsorship. In it, a recreation of the Formula 1 champion Jackie Stewart in his heyday was created and in many scenes, he is seen refusing Heineken beers. In the final moments of the commercial the retired racer is seen at a modern party and offered a drink -- which he again refuses in order to drive away in his sports car. Seeing a public figure consistently refuse to drink in a commercial for a company that creates alcohol is certainly a risky move, but one that ends up having even more of an impact due to its unlikely messenger.

This humorous commercial uses both nostalgia and glamour in order to promote responsible alcohol consumption first and the brand itself second.