The Aitor Throup Shiva Skull Bags are the Focus of His 2012 Menswear Line

The Aitor Throup Shiva Skull Bags are a marvelously morbid way to tote around everyday essentials. Throup's menswear, titled the 'New Object Research' collection, which includes these creepy carrying cases, are human form and anatomy-inspired. Made from monotonous black and gray tweed, these bags have been constructed and intricately shaped to resemble a hollowed-out human skull.

These bone-chilling bags are designed to be worn like traditional backpacks; the only difference is their realistic skull shape. To add a whole other level of creepy, the zippers that embellish the piece have been placed over the skull's mouth and on top of the skull. These specific zipper placements give the off-putting options of either splitting open a head or unzipping a mouth in order to store items.

With leather accents and zippers embellishing the Aitor Throup Shiva Skull Bags, gentlemen can tote around their must-haves in these horror-inducing handbags.