This Airplane Layout Infographic Pokes Fun at First & Economy Classes

 - Jul 17, 2011
References: theoatmeal & theoatmeal
If you've ever sat in an airplane and wondered what on Earth you've paid for, you'll find all your answers looking at this humorous Airplane Layout Infographic.

The Airplane Layout Infographic doesn't just stop at deconstructing the absurdity of the seating classes; it also gives its own take on what airplane seating should be. Are you a Shitty Coach, Less Shitty Coach, Mega Coach, Ultra Mega Coach, Legendary Coach or a First Class passenger? Personally, I think the Legendary Coach class is sufficient enough for everyone's enjoyment.

Implications - Urbanite consumers no longer have the time necessary to read over information thoroughly. As such, many of them are turning to infographics for information as they present data in a precise and visual way. Corporations may cater to this demographic by using infographics as their method of disseminating company information.