This Airbnb Service Lets Your Neighbors Keep an Eye Out for You

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: airbnb & engadget
With the home rental company becoming exponentially popular over the years on a global scale, this new Airbnb service works to ensure that homeowners don't come back to any unwanted surprises.

Dubbed 'Airbnb Neighbors,' the company's addition allows the neighbors of homeowners to voice their concerns if they notice any problems. This ensures that renters don't come back to see that a rowdy party destroyed all their belongings, find that their home was used for criminal activity or find that parking rules on the property were violated.

Once neighbors report an issue through the Airbnb service, it is reviewed by the company that then decides if it is necessary to notify the homeowner. This makes sure that visitors don't have their vacation interrupted for trivial reasons or bother the homeowners with unwarranted stress.