Airbnb Check-In is Now Easier Thanks to Improvements on the Platform

 - Dec 6, 2017
References: press.atairbnb & techcrunch
Unlike traditional hotels, Airbnb's user flow can be far less structured in certain areas (since, at its core, the platform connects guests to regular people as opposed to hospitality professionals), but the new Airbnb check-in feature aims to smooth out one of the rougher aspects of the service up to this point. The check-in feature gives frequent hosts a way to industrialize their check-in process, providing a streamlined system that requires far less back-and-forth between guests and hosts.

The new Airbnb check-in feature, which is highlighted at the top of users' booked listings, lets hosts include a preset list of instructions for checking into the location. Hosts input a step-by-step process for checking in, with the feature letting them include images on top of text instructions. Since every property on the site is different, the check-in feature saves hosts time explaining their check-in process to every new guest.