The MDI Air Car at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show (UPDATE)

 - Mar 31, 2009
References: & chicagotribune
MDI’s AirPod was a hit at the 2009 Geneva Car Show. The car runs on compressed air, so it is non-polluting. The bubble-like body style isn’t the only version that will be available. MDI plans to make a standard chassis upon which different bodies can be fit to suit. Airlines Air France and KLM in Paris and Amsterdam will begin trials with the MDI AirPod starting in May.

A joystick is used to steer the car. Doors open to the front and back. There are two rear-facing passenger seats that can be replaced with a cargo space. Weight and costs are both held low because unlike electric cars, there are no batteries.

A public transportation model is in the works as well. According to the MDI website, "The MultiFlowAIR is a new urban public transport concept in the form of a train on wheels, comprising of a driver’s car and several wagons." The company claims that this vehicle will be so cost-effective that municipalities will be able to completely fund it with on-board advertisements.

As we harness the power of the wind for electricity, so it appears, we can compress air for a cost-effective, eco-friendly vehicle fuel.

The video above is the first of a two-part interview that answers basic questions about the car. The video below is a French-language interview with Guy Negre of MDI conducted at the 2009 Geneva Car Show.