Military Tank Tread Inspires 'Transforming Multifunctional Wheels'

Hardly ever do you come across an automobile concept and are amazed more by its wheels than its body design, except, of course, for those pimped-up 4x4 big foots which are basically all wheels. This futuristic concept, however, is actually built around the "Transforming Multifunctional Wheels," a stunning apparatus featuring 24 spokes made of special carbon-fiber polymers. Each spoke is supported independently and can tilt 15 degrees back and forth.

Apart from enhanced traction, the free-moving spokes facilitate steering during directional changes, while the curved shape and the strong elastic material of the spokes greatly boost the vehicle’s suspension capabilities. The wheel arrangement also provides superior safety since the protracted arms absorb a large part of the collision shock. The futuristic design scores high in eco-friendliness as well, since each spoke can be constructed and fitted separately, thus significantly reducing tire waste.

Designed by Su-Yang Park and Chang-Hoe Heo for the 2009 Michelin Challenge Design, this ground-breaking concept prompts to the caterpillar tread of military tanks and is highlighted by the fearless red surface of the wheel spokes. And fearless it is, since its high off-road capacity allows even an effortless desert exploration; I think the latter rests my case as well as my search for a holiday rental.