These Agelio Batle Creations Bring the Natural World to Life

 - Mar 6, 2011
References: asbworkshop & randommization
These smooth and stylish graphite sculptures are the skillful work of Agelio Batle, who is an expert when it comes to bringing everyday objects to life.

Featuring delicate roses, shells, feathers and leaves, each piece that Agelio Batle lovingly crafts is both hand-sculpted and hand-polished. This allows him to create sculptures that seem to almost come alive under light, with their shadows adding rich texture and illuminating the intricacy of their detailing.

What I find most captivating about Agelio Batle’s art, however, is its theme, which draws inspiration from the natural world. Despite being sculpted out of an non-living material, his work evokes a sense of fragility that almost seems to suggest that the natural world is as delicate as graphite itself.