The '100 Years Later' Photoblog Puts Gadget Lifespan into Perspective

 - Apr 4, 2013
References: maicoakiba & bitrebels
In a society that's always looking to possess the best and brightest new gadgets, it's pretty thought provoking to think how they'll look when they become aged gadgets.

A visual artist from Japan named Maico Akiba has a fascination with aged gadgets as influenced by his photoblog entitled '100 Years Later.' The gadgets featured in the blog aren't a mere Photoshopping job either. Akiba uses an actual aging process that causes mold and algae to grow onto the gadget while rusting them out. Impressively enough, many of the gadgets still work after being put through the aged gadget process. It's pretty amazing to think that the fancy new smartphone you just got on a multi-year contract will some day die out like every other gadget and end up looking like this.