Turn a Game Boy into an Android Controller with These DIY Instructions

 - Mar 21, 2013
References: instructables & bitrebels
Gaming can be wonderful on Android devices, but to truly be considered a gaming smartphone, the device should have some physical buttons to work with. Thanks to these clever DIY instructions by Instructables.com user alpinedelta, an old Game Boy is transformed from a vintage collectors item to a fully functional smartphone game controller.

The top of the Game Boy is hollowed out to be fitted with a Google Nexus case to hold the phone in place. The battery case is then modified to include the same wireless transmitter that is found in a common Wii remote. Wiring and setting up the Game Boy nicely is the hardest part. From there, it's just a simple matter of syncing a freely available emulator to what the device thinks is a Wii remote, and presto, your Google Nexus is now a gaming smartphone.

There's only one real catch; the Game Boy only had two buttons compared to the Super Nintendo's six, so certain games won't be playable if you're going the Super Nintendo route.