Agaphya Belaja Illustrates Surreal Pictures of Wondrous Locales

 - Dec 29, 2011
References: cuded & artforadults.tumblr
These Agaphya Belaja illustrations don’t fall under the full-blown surreal category, but they also aren’t entirely true to life either. Sure, the artist's subjects seem ordinary enough, but the backdrops in these peculiar paintings all seem dream-like, with their predominantly pink hues and contorted vegetation. One image even features a hedge maze similar to the one found in The Shining, though all the trees within that maze are inexplicably blue rather than green. It’s this mix of the familiar with a total disregard for real-life color schemes that make this Russian artist’s work a true treat for people’s ocular senses.

Agaphya Belaja currently resides and works in St. Petersberg. Most of the subjects in her paintings are dressed in white apparel and are seen frolicking about in a graceful manner.