Silver Lining Pictures Combines African Culture with Ethereal Film Effects

 - Jan 9, 2013
References: youtube
This Viva Entertainment Production music video for Benedikt Sebastian's song ‘LOS UIT MY TAAL’ (Leave My Language Alone) brings an unorthodox mix of Afrikaans, angels and dubstep.

The film combines South African culture, two evil-looking angel like tribal woman, a raven and Benedikt Sebastian in multiple frames in black and white. The frames change according to the blaring kicks and bass line of the song, and this kind of dubstep influences is surely enough to turn this normally tedious Afrikaans music style into something many can enjoy. It just goes to show how remarkable the sound of dubstep is. I’m sure we’ll see South Africans embrace the Afrikaans dubstep films more often and I look forward to a lot more of this kind of surprises.

Produced by South African film production house Silver Lining Pictures and directed by Willem Groble and online by Stuart Wilson.