Aero E by Lancy Cassidy Converts the Window's Draft to Electric Energy

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: & yankodesign
Let the blasting draft come through your window and use it to charge your mobile phone with the Aero E by Lancy Cassidy. This eco-friendly device uses wild wind power to charge your cell phone.

By simply installing the Aero E on the window sill, you can use this innovative design to harness natural, whirlwind energy as it converts power through the glass wirelessly through induction. Place your cellphone on the charging pad and watch your battery power go up. The wind turbine device also comes with an Aero E app, allowing you to track wafting patterns and charge times.

Nevermind the electrical outlet or USB cord, just go to where the natural light is. Sit by the window and let the Aero E by Lancy Cassidy charge your phone and you can get a breath of fresh air too while it powers up.