The Nipyatas Are Filled with Mini Bottles of Alcohol Instead of Candy

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: store.laughingsquid & foodiggity
The Nipyatas are a series of adult Piñatas designed for more mature demographics seeking out novelty items grounded in nostalgia. The toys designed to be hit with a stick are containers dressed up as animals such as donkeys and bulls filled with miniature bottles of alcohol, rather than traditional candy.

Traditionally Piñatas are cardboard boxes shaped like animals and filled with sweets, but the Nipyatas are tweaked to have an adult-oriented surprises inside. While seemingly simpler in festive design to a Piñatas, the Nipyatas are designed to be filled with alcohol, messages or other mature treats. Despite the change in prize content, the whacking game remains the same.

The Nipyatas would be a fun party game to add to adult birthdays, allowing consumers to relive a game from their childhood.