This Adult Coloring Book App is Designed to Help Reduce Stress

 - Dec 21, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
'Pigment' is an adult coloring book app that helps users de-stress. In recent years, many adults have turned to hobbies such as coloring as a way to relax. This app provides a simple way for adults to maintain their hobby without lugging around a heavy book and a set of colored pencils.

Pigment is an adult coloring book app that can be used on the iPhone or iPad. The free app lets users color in different shapes on their screen, the same as they would with a physical coloring book. Users can color with their finger or they can use the Apple Pencil for more precise doodling. While it may seem mundane, the act of color is believed to help people relax by giving them something mindless to focus on while they let their mind wander.

While there are other coloring apps on the market, these programs are largely tap-to-fill, which removes the therapeutic quality that comes from the actual coloring process. As a result, Pigment provides a more hands-on way for adults to color on the go.