These Adult Coffee Mugs Give You Explitive Laden Advice

Swear-obsessed design company 'Good F****ing Design Advice' gives you some swarthy words of wisdom on some decidedly adult coffee mugs. Use one of these crass cups and go into the working world every day with some new NSFW advice.

All the wisdom imparted on these mugs involves the F Word. The useful tidbits are also numbered, because GFDA has so very much good advice to give out to you. The mugs are black with white and red writing, or black on black writing.

Don't think that just because the delivery is crass these adult coffee mugs don't have some important wisdom to impart on you. For instance, you should "No. 59/ Love your f***ing job," " No. 213/ Be fucking bold" and "No. 208 / Fail, fail, and f***ing fail again."