GG is an Addictive Card Game with a 15 Minute Time Limit

 - Jan 5, 2016
References: kickstarter
GG is an addictive card game that boasts a speedy 15 minute time limit. The objective of the strategy game is to outsmart opponents with impeccable memory. Each round of this fun card game is different than the next and is affected by the number of players involved -- a limit isn't set ensuring even more chances at fun.

The goal of GG participants is to eliminate other players by gaining access to their card deck. Forming 4 piles of 8 cards, players are each given two random strategy cards before challenging a rival player. Once ready to play, participants can use their memory to outsmart opponents or can usilize their initial strategy cards when challenged by others.

While this addictive card game is suitable for all ages, it's 'Bottoms Up' expansion pack is intended for adults looking to turn it into a drinking game.