Acoustapus by Nemo Gould Rocks Harder than a Rock Lobste

 - Mar 4, 2010
References: nemomatic & laughingsquid
Acoustapus by Nemo Gould can only be described in song. I'm almost sure I would score a grammar flag if I did that, so I'll try to describe the awesomeness of 'Acoustapus' in words.

Let's start with the name first. This sculpture gets its name from the acoustic guitar that forms its head. Brilliant! Acoustapus by Nemo Gould is also made up of rocking chair parts, aluminum, a salad bowl, beads and many other things that would make this list too long to be aesthetically pleasing.

Support the 'Acoustapus' movement and check out the link to Nemo Gould's site on the left. I command ye.