The Academie MWD by Carlos Arroyo Relies on Optical Illusions

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: & fastcodesign
The Academie MWD is an unusual bit of architecture that relies on optical illusions to fit in. The area it is situated in provided a unique challenge to the architect. Carlos Arroyo undertook that challenge with no shortage of zeal or creativity. Surrounded by mountains to the south, a protected forest on the north side, a concert hall east and a suburban neighborhood to the west, the Academie MWD needed to make sense on all sides.

The Madrid-based architect achieved that first through its jagged shape that mimicked both the mountains and the roofs of the homes. Secondly, the Academie MWD was given a vertically ridged facade that changed depending on the angle it was viewed. Sometimes the Academie MWD looked like a pack of Starburst at other times it disappeared completely due to an image of the forest printed on the other side of the metal slats.