Abraham Poincheval is Living in a Fake Bear for Two Weeks

Abraham Poincheval is taking the idea of modern art to a whole new level, by situating himself inside a fake bear for two weeks. People wanting to see what it's like for this man in a very small space can check out the live feed, which features a camera inside the structure.

The artist is taking part in this project to "understand his own physical limits and experience animal nature, a symbolic image of the 'inside out' of a bear during hibernation," as stated by DesignBoom. The amazing part is how Abraham Poincheval has everything he needs in such a confined space, and has even figured out a way to go to the bathroom.

One thing's for sure: he will definitely want to go for a nice long walk when the modern art piece is complete.Photo Credits: designboom, poincheval.chassenature.org