The AboutToDieGuy Twitter Page Profiles a Daily Death-Defying Man

 - May 26, 2011
References: twitter & buzzfeed
This AboutToDieGuy Twitter account will have you laughing to death!

The AboutToDieGuy Twitter account profiles casualty-causing tweets from a fictional character who narrowly escapes death numerous times a day. Readers can follow the foolish endeavors of "Death Guy" and chuckle as he obliviously makes deathly decisions. Entertaining excerpts include "'Do not insert q-tips into ear canal.' LOL...whatever you say, q-tips box," and gems such as "Playing hide and seek. No one will ever find me inside this old-school retro refrigerator."

Even though followers are aware that this death-defying man is made-up, his terrifyingly funny tweets still cause side-splitting laughter.

You too can be the "reaper" of casualty-causing tweets by following the AboutToDieGuy Twitter account today!