Abbotts Hotel in Australia Featured a Pokémon Menu for a Limited Time

Over the summer, Pokémon GO was an international sensation, with players young and old exploring their area and beyond to capture the elusive anime monsters, which is exactly what the Abbotts Hotel in Waterloo, Australia took advantage of.

The pub decided to create a Pokémon-themed menu when it noticed just how many people were capturing creatures within its immediate area. Featured on the menu was 'Pika-Chips,' 'Beef Burgémon with Chips,' ' Char'mander Grilled Steak' and 'Hot Dogs with a Squirt-Le of Tomato Sauce.'

In addition to its Pokémon menu, Abbotts Hotel lured players in with in-game bait, giving avid collectors even more of a reason to stop by. While the menu only lasted a short while, its humorous focus appealed to Pokémon GO players in a big way, as Abbotts Hotel gave them a chance to come together and celebrate their obsession.