Abalimi Bezekhaya is an Example of Bottom-up Entrepreneurship

 - Jul 11, 2013
References: abalimi.org.za & acumen.org
In a recent article on the Acumen blog by Bhaskar Chakravorti, called "Tomorrow's City Living Ideas From Today's Slums," the writer gives Abalimi Bezekhaya, a social business based in Cape Town, South Africa, as an example of bottom-up entrepreneurship. "Abalimi teaches local communities to grow organic vegetables first for survival, then to sell surplus produce to markets outside of the townships, with the goal of generating a livelihood," he writes. "Abalimi provides ongoing training, technical advice, cheap bulk inputs, irrigation, and other services."

Abalimi is also in line with a recent SocialBusiness.org top list, which included one hundred micro social innovations. Small, compact urban farms are also akin to community farming, that is, a "back to the farm" social and environmental renewal, a renewal that isn't in fact something new at all.

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