Aaron Koblin Photography

 - Jan 10, 2008
References: cooladdict & cooladdict
I always used to believe that it would be impossible for two planes to crash into each other. I didn't think of it in terms of technology as sonar and navigation systems are advanced enough to avoid that. I simply believed that the sky was too big and vast for two planes to even come close to each other on route to their destinations. This belief of mine came to a screeching halt when I discovered the art of Aaron Koblin.

The picture above shows the flight patterns and air traffic over all the flights in North America. Aaron colors and forms these patterns in order to make interesting designs and prints, which are available for purchase. He uses information compiled from a processing programming environment and composites his work using various programs, such as Adobe After Effects. Flight patterns don't generally stand out as something that can be artistic, but Aaron has taken this simple process and has turned it into unique and interesting works of art. I suggest you visit his official website to see more of Aaron Koblin's pieces.

Also, pray that your plane doesn't hit another one. Unless you are sitting next to a crying baby, which is like dying of a million paper-cuts, then maybe you can pray your plane WILL hit another one.