Waste Project by Aaron Kent

 - Feb 4, 2008
References: aaronkent.org & aaronkent.org
AK-47 is an artist often considered a bit of a renegade.

Over the last years, Aaron Kent has conceptualized projects with such variety while still staying true with the fringe dwelling style of the AK-47. Kent does not limit his work to a genre that is sure to create income. This artist lends himself to that of the world less talked about. Kent's works seem to construct his own pathway from his version of Piss Christ, The Bones Series, Blood Strains, Who Has the Ten and a Half, Don't Touch the Split Second and varies installation projects among others.

The artist's latest project involves our waste and the waste of material that should only find itself in the recycled bin. Named the Waste Project, it consists of 4 to 6 weeks of collecting garbage from a Cincinnati, Ohio apartment complex. The direction of the Waste Project is to explore just how much recycled material the population treats as non recyclable garbage rather then recycling it to be useful once again. Aaron Kent is sifting through mounds of trash, separating the recyclable materials from the waste. This project is clever as he uses an apartment complex logically, due to its range of diverse occupants much like our country.

Aaron Kent will create an opportunity to view how much waste we actually create. It will remind us that our trash is being collected from our dwellings while only to find itself in the company of more trash that is only growing larger and larger with each and every day.