Aaron Deneweth Imbues Artwork with Vitality

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: notcot.org & etsy
Animation and a sense of life are beautifully portrayed in Aaron Deneweth's artwork. Many of the paintings use a distinct color palette of red and blue, opposites which the artist is able to blend together to create a complementary visual effect.

Deneweth's illustrations range from nautical themed to somewhat ancestral/tribal illustrations, all of which articulate an impression of vitality and flow. What is particularly impressive is the artist's ability to illustrate something frightening (a ship being attacked by a giant squid) in an almost soothing manner.

When looking at Deneweth's paintings one can almost witness the eloquent gliding motion of the artist's tools as they drift across the page, elevating both artist and art to a state of transcendental grace.