The A$AP Yams Gems Honors the Late Rapper with His Most Iconic Tweets

Harlem rapper A$AP Yams passed away unexpectedly last January and since then, various members of the A$AP Mob have been releasing a handful of heartfelt tributes to honor their dear friend. The latest sentimental tribute comes in the form of a book filled with Yams' most memorable tweets.

Followers and fans of A$AP Yams are well aware that the late creative was often a non-filtered tweeter who gained millions of retweets due to his humor and quirky outlook on life. Bronx resident Ajani Brathwaite complied some of the rapper's most iconic tweets into a hardcover book titled 'A$AP Yams Gems,' which captures the vibrant spirit of the artist.

The book will retail for $40, with all proceeds going to Yams' family. Interested buyers can pre-order the book now and should know that Braithwaite will stop collecting orders the day before Yams' death anniversary on January 18th, 2016.