'A Load of Jargon' is an Exhibit by Isabel + Helen

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: itsnicethat & fastcodesign
'A Load of Jargon' is an art exhibit that literally embodies some of the business world's most inane and meaningless idioms, phrases and cliches. Offices get tons of valuable work done, but the language that gets them there can be absurd from an outsider's perspective. Isabel + Helen's installation gives a graphic representation of just how outlandish some of these pieces of jargon are.

A Load of Jargon includes old fashioned and modern phrases alike. For instance, the artists lampoon the phrase "thinking cap" by creating a pile of baseball hats emblazoned with those selfsame words on them. "Next steps," another common business argot, is a treadmill-like set of stairs, implying the infinite cycle of the phrase.

Not all the pieces are so literal, though. "Going viral," for instance, is a series of yellow ping pong balls in front of a red background, inviting multiple interpretations.