The Transformer TRAK

 - Nov 13, 2008
References: rethinkkayak & rethinkkayak
Wired Magazine called it a 'freakin transformer.' How else could a shape-shifting, high performance, 16 foot kayak fit into a portable 4 foot bag? Through 10,000 years of R&D from Inuit of the North. For centuries the Inuit have paddled foldable boats; today, TRAK has brought that innovation to the city by creating the world's first Urban Kayak. Their innovation goes from your place, to the subway, to paddling the water in less time than it takes to read your morning paper.

According to TRAK their T-1600 brings urban dwellers access to a whole new world… to the waters of their own backyards and from mild to wild…

There's a whole lot of your city that you just haven't explored.