Lalalaura's "Bunny a Day" Illustrations Will Keep Gloomy Moods at Bay

 - May 27, 2011
Well you better hop on the bandwagon now before these "bunny a day" illustrations blow up and you're left on the lurch and wondering why you resisted these lovable illustrations as defiantly as you did. These a bunny a day doodles are the work of one Lifelounge user by the name of 'Lalalaura' and she's showcasing her unique talents while uplifting the world with these delightfully cute illustrations. Lalalaura also displays a myriad of styles in these bunny drawings and I cannot wait to see more as each passing day adds one more bunny to the collection.

My current favorite of Lalalaura's cuddly rabbit pictures is actually the very first a bunny a day drawing, in which Lalalaura uses water colors to paint a Native American headdress.