750 Words Allows Users to Document Confidental Thoughts

 - Sep 7, 2012
References: 750words
The website 750words.com meets the growing need for online privacy. Blogging hubs like Wordpress, Tumblr and Livejournal are certainly beneficial for writers wishing to network or spread ideas within a public forum. Confidential accounts have been for the most part excluded from this mix, resulting in the preclusion of personal prose.

The 750words.com project offers up the best of both expression and discretion. Users can submit entries that are up to 750 words in length, or rather three pages. The creator favors this limit as it can allow one to run into his or her "subconscious," a quirky word selection that fits the quirky concept.

Above all, the platform aims to be fun. Members can accumulate points over time with each entry gaining some well-deserved recognition. Proficiency in English will however be the most significant benefit.