7 Reasons Your Mom Shouldn't Be Your Facebook Friend

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: csectioncomics & lionsdenu
7 Reasons Your Mom Shouldn’t Be Your Facebook Friend is a hilarious comic from the good folks at C-Section, which, as the title suggests, outlines all of the major reasons why you shouldn’t give your mom an all-access pass to your virtual persona. Among the reasons the comic provides are "She will track your every step," "She will track your every step," oh and have we mentioned, "She will track your every step?"

All jokes aside, having parents on Facebook is one of those gambles you can’t ever take back once she’s seen it all, even if you do hit ‘Remove Contact’ and make your security settings so intense that all she can see is the first letter of your first name.

Implications - The rise of social media has shifted the way humans interact. The way a person represents themselves online is a determinant of many things, from personal to business relationships. Parents, schools and workplaces use the information available online to make judgements about users that may either enhance or detract from the public perception.