6 Job Types to Benefit From American Recovery & Investment Act

 - Mar 1, 2009
References: hotjobs.yahoo
President Obama is calling it the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act--the $787 billion he plans to invest in the country. He could give everyone about $2,500 so that they could invest it (and then lose it again), or he could improve the nation’s infrastructure while creating jobs.

Obama chose the latter and thus, certain industries will benefit more than others. Six job types are thought to benefit the most.

1. Construction - e.g. skilled laborers

2. The Green Sector - e.g. installers of solar panels

3. Medical Information Technology - e.g. hardware and software companies

4. Education - e.g. teachers

5. Energy and Utilities - e.g. regulators hired by public utility commissions

6. Federal Government - e.g. accountants and administrators

Photo by bucklava (Flickr)