Ethereal Machines' 'Halo' Won an Innovation Award at CES 2018

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: 3dprinting
At CES 2018, Ethereal Machines introduced the world to its 5D printer system and with it, what it calls "the dawn of hybrid manufacturing." While 4D printing introduces objects that have the potential to change their shape with the added dimension of time, this 5D printer features a five-axis system. The 5D printer dubbed 'Halo' is capable of creating with both additive manufacturing and CNC milling.

There have been 5D printers launched before the Halo from Ethereal Machines, but this one sets itself apart as a cost-effective and above all else, portable manufacturing solution. Due to the added dimensions that can be created with the printer, Halo is capable of making structures that may include overhangs and other complex design details.

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Ethereal Machines' Halo 5D Printer won the 'Best of Innovation' Award.